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Our fees for services provided will be billed at an hourly rate depending in the particular individual providing the services. As to who will be allocated to your matter, various factors need to be taking into consideration including but not limited to:

1. Nature of the case;
2. Years of experience of the Legal Practitioner;
3. Complexity of the matter; and
4. General overheads of the attorney.

Our hourly rates depend on the individual attending thereto and range from N$ 850 per hour to N$ 2500 per hour.
We charge at increments of 5 minutes rounded to the nearest one twelfth of an hour. The minimum time charged for any particular activity will be of an hour (per 5 minutes or part thereof).
Should a matter referred to our office be on an urgent basis, time and a half to double will be charged for any work done until such time as the need for urgency has lapsed.

Chargeable Tasks: 
Time charged (per 5 minutes or part thereof as mentioned above) shall include but not be limited to:
1. Telephone calls made and received;
2. Correspondence (whether formal letters or emails) to either yourself or any other party to the proceedings;
3. Travelling and waiting time;
4. Drafting;
5. Consultations;
6. Research and preparation of documents whether for trial or consultation; and
7. Any other charges associated to the finalization of the matter.

Charges payable in respect of property related matters: 
With any other matter attended to on behalf of a client, the charges levied shall be the same as what is contained in the aforementioned paragraph.
Litigation matters will be charged as provided for and outlined by the applicable court scale. Our fees for collection matters will thus not exceed the prescribed rates as outlined in the Government Gazette for Magistrates Court work, and in terms of the High Court Rules for High Court litigation, when a matter is unopposed. Our individual lawyer’s fee rates will only apply if the actions are opposed.

Depending on the complexity and urgency of the matter, an initial deposit fee may be requested. The deposit will be held in our trust account. The deposit (including further deposits if requested) will be used to fund payment of our fees and other charges as they incur. Monthly statements will be provided to your office depicting the allocation of any trust monies used. Once a trial or hearing date is set, you shall be called upon to ensure that all outstanding fees are settled. A further deposit may also be requested for trial / hearing preparation and completion thereof.

For all matters monthly statements indicating fees and costs incurred during a particular calendar month will be sent to your offices electronically. Statements are to be paid within 30 days from date thereof unless specific arrangements have been made with either one of the partners for different payment terms.
Should statements not be settled within a 60 day period, 20% interest will accrue on overdue accounts and no further work done until such time as our account has been settled and further deposit (if called upon) has been made. Cash handling fees will be charged for cash payments, and will be invoiced as a disbursement.  

Windhoek Branch:
No 10, Jakaranda street, Suiderhof, Windhoek

Phone: +264 61 301 149                  
Fax: +264 61 301 149