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Our Services:

*  Legal Opinions (whether labour related or not);
* Disciplinary hearings (all aspects relating thereto from drafting
of the charges to chairing the proceedings);
* Labour Appeals and Reviews from the Office of the Labour Commissioner (whether to the High Court or Labour Court);
* Chairing or representing clients in arbitrations, both private arbitrations and/or in the office of the Labour Commissioner (if allowed by application);
* Retrenchment proceedings;
* Training to selected employees in the conduct of disciplinary hearings and/or poor performance and/or grievance enquiries;
* Assistance and or aid in all matters relating to the Affirmative Action Act, and/or its requirements;
* Industrial actions, whether initiating, negotiating with Unions or proceeding with formal interdictory relief in the Labour Court (during 2011 our office was associated with 5 of the major publicised strikes). 

* Civil claims (whether in the Magistrate Court or High Court)
* Supreme Court Appeals *
* Matrimonial matters (divorce, custody and control and maintenance)
* Debt collection (Magistrate Court and High Court) 

*  Reviewing and/or auditing of all in house policies and/or guidelines and employment agreements etc. to ensure that same is compliant with the Labour Act and/or common law and/or that same is as beneficial to clients as possible;
*  Drafting of contracts such as employment agreements, commercial agreements (including but not limited to lease agreements, sale agreements, membership agreements), and various other agreements; 

*  Drafting of agreements;
*  Instituting or opposing eviction procedures;
*  Any other matters related to immovable property and the handling thereof; and 


Depending on the complexity and urgency of the matter and after due consultation with the client, only then shall counsel be employed, otherwise our office shall attend to the initiation of the matter and proceed to the final determination thereof.

Our Partners have the necessary experience to proceed to the finalization of the matter in Labour Court reviews and appeals not to mention the various interlocutory applications ancillary to the initial proceedings. We are capable of performing instructions on short notice, in a timely manner and we provide regular reports to our clients due to client needs and the urgency of the matter.

Windhoek Branch:
No 10, Jakaranda street, Suiderhof, Windhoek

Phone: +264 61 301 149                  
Fax: +264 61 301 149